Plastic pipe band saw

WONIL's Plastic Pipe Band Saw is developed for workshops which frequently need to make Elbows or Tees. And it is very effi cient for the workers to make Elbows or Tees because the cutting main body can be swiveled up to 45 degree. Therefore the workshop workers can easily make Elbow and Tee for their diverse kinds of work requirements.

Customer benefits

Line Laser Beam guides the expected cutting section.

Workers can be protected when the band saw is broken during cutting because our band saw is broken during cutting becaus our band saw is equipped with Safety Cover.

Workers can work stably because clamping devices grasp the pipes firmly.

Main saw arm can be swiveled 0-45° for angled cutting.

Adjustable for angle cutting 0-45°, in 1° increments.

Air Break by means of Air Cylinder controls the fixing of main saw arm.

Reliability, lower noisy, easy to handle


Model Pipe diameter range(mm)
up to 450
up to 70
up to 1600