Pipe Coiler(Winder)

Semi-automatic coiler

Each coiling station has an independent AC motor

Claw hoops can move by cylinder in order to remove the finished pipe

Guide roller of pipe is in the inlet side.

Two bobbins in line

Continuous traversing unit provides perfect coiling

Pneumatic opening flaps

Easy and convenient starting of new coils

Planetary knife cutting devices

The cut is performed without any material removal

No dust, no chip and no noise

The cut is clear and smooth

Cutting thin/thick walled PE pipes

Machine and pipe remain cleaner, higher reliability, minimal maintenance

Customer benefits

Reels rotation through special "Direct Drive" motors with an hollow shaft, allowing high coiling speeds and definite angular position

Reels adgustable inside diameter and width innovative binding system with pneumatic cylinder

Easy packaging by pipe and fixing mechanism

Convenient operation


Model Pipe diameter range(mm)
up to 50
up to 90