Talent and welfare


Talents who contribute to the company's continued growth with a wide range of insights and insights while gaining expertise and building know-how with an understanding and sense of responsibility.
People who are passionate about the development of individuals and companies and can continue to lead new challenges without fear of failure and frustration, and can contribute to the corporate culture that encourages them.
Talent who can present creative ideas to lead change and innovation of the company through conversion of ideas and perceptions based on unconventional thinking
Based on the right moral spirit, talented people who can promote win-win with company members, customers, and partners with sound values ​​and ethical consciousness and increase honor and self-esteem as a member of the company


Welfare system for employees

Children’s education support Tuition fees for employee’s children to university
Parenthood allowance Allowance for employee’s child birth. / Multi-child family preferential treatment.
Best Employee and Best Smile Awards Best employees and best smiling employees are selected through voting. Reward and promotion are given to the award winners.
Paid holidays and financial supports for family events Holidays and support for employees’ family events
Anniversaries (Birthdays, and Corporate Foundation Date) Souvenirs and flowers provided for birthdays and corporate foundation dates.
Spring/Fall Sports Events Sports event and mountain climbing twice every year
Long employment award Award for employees who have worked for 5,10,15, and 20 years.
Family allowance Allowance for employee’s family members
Family day Every Wednesday
Health Checkup Health checkup for employees, and comprehensive medical checkup for the employees older than 50.
Sports Facilities Soccer field and fitness center
Recreational activity support Supports employees’ recreational activities – mountain climbing, football, bowling, golf, etc.


Community Services Providing fuels and food for senior citizens living alone and for low-income families 1 ~ 2 times per year.