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Sewage pipe extrusion line

Complete production lines for sewage pipe extrusion

WONIL offers tailor-made solutions for sewage pipe extrusion lines with its new modular single screw extruder. Combined with the optimized screw geometry, the machines of this series offer an excellent melt homogeneity.

Sewage pipe extrusion lines of  WONIL are designed to give you maximum output and material savings as well as easy to maintain.

Our product portfolio

Double wall sewage pipe up to 3000mm i.d
Triple wall sewage pipe up to 2000mm i.d
Multi wall sewage pipe up to 2000mm i.d
Sewage pipe with waved sheet(water proof wall) up to 2000mm i.d

Customer benefits

High output and outstanding product quality.
Easy to control and maintain.
A wider diameter range can be covered

Sewage pipe extrusion line

Equipment for Sewage pipe extrusion line

Single screw extruder  more
Extrusion base die(Die head)
Vacuum calibrator  more
Cooling bath
Winding drum device  more
Cutting saw device  more

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